My first attempt.

Everyday I wake up and say,” today’s the day!” At the end of the end of the day it’s always,” I’ll do it tomorrow.”

I know it’s not just me, perhaps you do it too. Procrastinating is the word. Today I finally broke the trend and took my first step towards NOT procrastinating and I have to say that it feels good finally putting a ‘tick’ on my to-do list of the day.

The saddest news is that this is not my first attempt, yeah you probably guessed it, it’s actually my 10000000000….0 attempt to NOT procrastinate. I know it’s bad but sadly I can’t seem to stop this vicious cycle. I tried and tried and I still am, but so far I haven’t seen any changes. I’m supposed to get discouraged about that, but here I am, once again, taking the step because I beleive one sunny day, I will stop procrastinating. It better not rain on that day, haha. We all know rainy days have their own vibes.

To anyone out there who is stuggling with procrastinating, you aren’t alone. We are all on the same sinking boat. The difference is that others are trying their level best to keep the boat afloat ‘team ME’ while others are sitting on their bottoms ‘team whoever can relate to this’ . If you are in the latter group, I am here to give you a hand for you to join me in the MIGHTY QUEST of keeping our boat afloat.

Whoever you are, I’m here for you. We’re in this together.

Don’t exist, LIVE.

Hey my people, I hope all of you are well and staying safe. This short poem; AKA words of wisdom, was written by my really good sister and I thought I should share it with ya’all.

Learn to direct your focus on what matters,
focus on improving your mental health,
talk to and calm the voices in your head,
heal the scars,
make peace and befriend your heart.

Focus on improving your relationship with yourself,
sometimes forget if other people exist in the world,
just take your time to be with the universe,
all by yourself.

Take time to live freely,
without having to worry,
who will judge or criticise you,
let your thoughts explore the universe,
with the hope of finding the real you,
of finding your hidden passion and call.

Live freely.
Live healthy.
Live YOU.

Is silence loud?

I know the two words silence and loud are not supposed to be in the same sentence but a measure like this is needed in critical situations. Many people have had to bear the loss of family memebers, friends, homies, neighbours and other relevant people in our lives. Many at times the main cause is depression.

Depression mainly forces the depressed to stay silent and not communicate their real problems and this cannot be blamed on them because they obviously have their reasons on why they decided not to talk. There is one thing that I wanna tell you today just incase you din’t know or maybe you forgot or you know it but you don’t want to admit it:

Silence is communicating.

So to answer the question i asked in the topic, YES, silence is loud for the people who want to listen. The key is wanting to listen to your loved ones, your neighbour, your best bud, and everyone around you. This topic is not appealing but it had to be adressed sooner. Be kind to your fellow human beings .It will not cost you a penny or a dollar to ask your family members how they spent the night when you wake up in the morning, or ask your classmates how they are fairing on, greet and offer a smile to your neighbour.Your kindness can save a life!

To all you special people, you are not alone in this world. There are people who love you and care for you and you must cherish that. Yes you have problems, but it aint the end of the world. Don’t you think that you have all the problems in the world because there is someone somewhere in this huge world that has much bigger problems that yours and he or she is surviving and is not losing hope . Things will get better because it is just a stage that will pass. Greater things are waiting for you on the other side of fear. All you have to do is, take a leap of faith.

Write about me,?

When I ask you to write about me, what’s your book going to tell?

I had a conversation with someone special last night about this topic and we might have debated and agreed to disagree on some things. If I tell people to write about me, some chapters are going to be very different and some the whole book will be different! Believe it or not, nowadays people say they know you, think they know you, but only you know they don’t. You’d be surprised what people will write in their books if you were to read them.

All what people do is judge, judge again, judge a lil bit more then conclude for themselves. There’s a day, after a long 2 hour lecture, we were asked to form a group of 10 for an assignment. That was the moment i knew it was not gon be good. Where will i get 10 people for a group assignment? I’m mostly a lone wolf, hey, don’t get me wrong i do have friends but they don’t amount to 10. All we did was jus look for sme random people who didn’t have a group to join us, and that’s where i got to hear some surprising things of what some of them thought about me.! One said i looked mean, i’m always quiet and rarely smile at people or look at anyone who doesn’t concern me and i’m not easily approachable! To say I was shocked was an understatement, i laughed and didn’t even correct him, because I honestly didn’t care what he thought about me.

The way I see it, my friends and the special people around me will have some chapters that will be similar, including the character part in some ways. My family will hve sme chapters that will be the same, including my behavior and morals. I am 100% sure that majority of my family will have some chapters that I wouldn’t be happy reading.,especially if they know i wouldn’t be reading the book. It’s funny how many faces you think you have, only to find out there are more that you didn’t know you had.

I wish I knew what your book would say about me. What’s your book that’s written by someone else going to say about you?


The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. That’s actually dictionary definition of the word humour.

What’s funny is that what’s funny to me may not be funny to you, yet we can all agree that being amusing is one important character in a human being. If someone approaches you and makes you smile or even laugh in a matter of a few minutes, that’s 1 step towards friendship or something more, you just never know!

Humour is a big word that covers so many things inside, like types of humour and all that. Sometimes I used to read some dark humour posts or watch some dark humour silly animations and laugh but also feel bad in ma soul! Majority of the people judge those who enjoy dark humour saying that they are mean and heartless and all that crap 🙄. Yea I just” rolled ma eyes.” Honestly I feel like everyone has a right to choose what’s funny to him/her and what’s not. It’s thats simple.

Some of our great memories are based on humour.,true or false? I know we all have terrible moments ,lets leave those aside. I’m talking about beautiful moments that when you think about them a smile breaks through your face. Laughter,happiness,joy, all in one memory. Maybe it’s when Eid/Christmas came and the whole family was around and ya’all dined together and had a great time. Maybe it was when you were out with your best friend and he/she tripped and fell down and you laughed so hard your ribs started paining! Yea that happened to me, haha, damn it was a good laugh. What I’m tryna say is I just watched “The joker,2019” movie and I jus sat here writing about humour. Silly right?

That’s it fr today ya’all. Remember, always put on a happy face🤡. Smile, because noone has a smile bright as yours. Cherish the good moments you got, because it’s not gon last. Change is inevitable. If you in a bad place today, the sun is gon rise,and tomorrow will b different.

Love, Fafa.

It’s been long.

Alot has been going on in ma life and I just thought I could pop up in here and do some writing since it’s always been like a therapy to me. Hope ya’all are doing well because thats what’s important.

It doesn’t matter what you going through right now, I can only assume and hope it’s nothing that’s eating up your soul and taking a toll on your health. If it is, then hang on in there and don’t let it finish you off because you can handle it, you got this!

Yeah iss not always easy and iss not gon be easy, but all you have to do is try. You don’t lose anything if you try, as a matter of fact you might actually gain somethig eventhough most of us don’t see it right away. Wanna know what it is that you gain? Why dont you look in the mirror, don’t stare at your reflection, stare at your heart and soul, you gon see something that wasn’t there before you tried. I’m not sure what you’ll see there because it’s different for everyone, why? Because everyone has their own troubles and nightmares so everyone is fighting their own battles.

We all have our unique paths and tests along the way but we all have one thing in common, all our paths have bumps, some steep ugly bumps, some holes and some divided pathways leading to two or more different paths where you get stuck and you don’t know which one to choose! I just gotta say this, what you hear others say has little to no effect on how you deal with your bumps and holes, what has 100% effect on you is what you say to yourself every noe and then. So do yourself a favor and repeat after me: I GOT THIS!

Find you.

You ever experienced a time when everything on your side seems to always go wrong? Your work load seems endless, too much pressure at home with family, endless quarells with your bestfriend or your partner! There is a remedy for that but it has to come from you and done by you, find yourself.

You have been lost in your problems because you are so bent on wanting to solve your problems that you forget that you deserve to be happy. You only have one life to live, so you better live to your fullest or you will end up regretting on your death bed because you did not do the things you wanted to do, the things that you love, the things that make you happy, instead you did the things that brought you money or brought you fame but not happiness.

You are more important than anyone else in this world. Keep that in your mind and you will always be happy. If you are having a bad day, go out, have some icecream or go out, get some snacks and netflix and chill, all in all what am trying to say is do something that you love doing. Trust me, it always works.


Peace, a five letter word which carries more weight, meaning and importance to every single human being across the globe. Who does not like a time where everywhere you go there are smiles on everyone’s faces? Who doesnt like the feeling of waking up happy and greet your neighbour and greet the cashier in the supermarket and life goes on smoothly? The fact is everyone loves a peaceful environment!

Some people dislike others just because of their skin colour, their tribe, their style of clothing, their origins, religion, culture and all other petty things. All these things I mentioned above do not define who a person is on the inside. Get to know the person for who he or she is on the inside and then you learn to accept him or her the way he or she is. Lets face it every human being was created different so why do you expect him or her to be just like you?

The thing I am trying to put across is that learn to accept how different each and every person is and even if you cannot befriend the person then the least you can do is not to be hateful and be generous using a simple greeting whenever you come accross him or her.

Peace is very important and it starts with you and me having peace of heart mind and soul.

Stay blessed.

Be sure to leave your mark in life.

Life flies away without people noticing and as seconds become minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, a year and finally years. They pass by and in no time you find yourself growing older and older as every birthday passess. Thinking about it now and reading it makes you feel a little sad but its the reality. Nevertheless this reality should not make you so sad that you start changing your life and stop doing the things you love. It should actually motivate you to continue doing the things you love because you never live a day twice.

Live your life one day at a time. Be humble to every person you meet whether at a coffee shop or at the supermarket. Make your mark by being you and being humble to the extent that you make everyone laugh and smile whenever you are around. Be generous at heart and your mark will be made never to be erased.

Alone or Together?

Alone and together are two words with opposite meanings and two different impacts on life.For today I just want to pick one aspect of life that everyone must go through,problem facing.There are two different types of people,or lets say three.There is one person that will never share their problems with anyone,not even a family member or a close person like a husband or wife,there is the person that shares their problems with their close ones and lastly there is one that never stops talking about their problems to anyone they meet even a stranger in a bus!

Lets look at the first two people;the one that does not speak out or share his/her problems will do as what her mind sees as right,and the effect may be good or bad because he/she did not consult.On the other hand the one who consults the close ones will get multiple ideas and solutions  which will all bring out positive effect.That is why successful people do not make huge decisions by themselves,they consult in meetings and even their spouses.A saying goes ‘behind every successful man stands a woman.’

We can all see now that together is way better than alone in many things like studying(form groups where sharing of ideas and concepts takes place),problem solving(find someone you trust and share them to get multiple solutions and better ideas),etc.

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration,wonderful things can be achieved.
Stay united and stay blessed!